Advanced electives

Most students, after completing the prerequisites and core curriculum of the Biochemistry major, are ready to specialize in one or more areas of the field. The advanced electives in the Biochemistry major are intended to provide students with depth in the various subdisciplines of Biochemistry.

Students take  four (4) advanced courses for a total of at least 16 SH from Biology and Chemistry and Chemical Biology with a minimum of one course from each department.

At least one (1) course must be an Approved Lab course from the list below.

Students may also count up to four (4) SH of work in a faculty lab towards the advanced elective requirements, including the distribution requirement.

The following courses count towards the Advanced Elective credits, unless they are required for the major:


BIOL 2309 TO 5999

Chemistry and Chemical Biology: 

CHEM 2331 TO 5999

Approved Labs: 


CHEM2332 (with CHEM2331)

CHEM3522 (with CHEM3521)3532 (with CHEM3531)

Research Courses: 



Upper-level courses in other departments may occasionally also be counted towards the Advanced Elective requirement with the permission and prior approval of your academic and faculty advisors.