Faculty Research Sponsors

Biochemistry research is broadly interdisciplinary, and research laboratory opportunities for biochemistry majors may be found in many departments outside of Biology and Chemistry. Below is a list of research laboratories that have actively engaged biochemistry majors in the past. However, this list is not exhaustive, and if you are interested in joining a research lab, you are encouraged to explore outside of this list as well!

Mansoor Amiji PHS
Penny Beuning CCB
David Budil CCB
Rebecca Carrier CHE
Yunrong Chai BIO
Paul Champion PHY
Erin Cram BIO
Rick Duclos CDD
John Engen CCB
Slava Epstein BIO
Craig Ferris PSY/CCB
Roger Giese PHS
Richard Gilbert CCB
Veronica Godoy BIO
Edgar Goluch CHE
April Gu CEE
Robert N Hanson CCB
Ferdi Hellweger CEE
Alain Karma PHY
Ban-An Khaw PHS
Albert Laszlo-Barabasi PHY
Carolyn Lee-Parsons CCB/CHE
Kim Lewis BIO
Lee Makowski ECE/CCB
Carla Mattos CCB
Constantinos Mavroidis MIE
James Monaghan BIO
Shashi Murthy CHE
George O’Doherty CCB
Donald O’Malley BIO
Mary Ondrechen CCB
Oyinda Oyelaran CCB
Jacqueline Piret BIO
Michael Pollastri CCB
Jeffrey Ruberti MIE
J Timothy Sage PHY
Dagmar Sternad BIO
Phyllis Strauss BIO
Vladimir Torchilin PHS
Sergiy Tyukhtenko CDD
Meni Wanunu PHY
Paul Whitford PHY
Mark Williams PHY
Jodi Wood CDD
Ke Zhang
Zhaohui Sunny Zhou CCB
Gunther Zupanc BIO

CCB = chemistry & chemical biology
BIO = biology
CDD = center for drug discovery
CHE = chemical engineering
MIE = mechanical and industrial engineering
CEE = civil engineering
ECE = electrical and computer engineering
PHY = physics
PHS = pharmaceutical sciences
PSY = psychology