Faculty Research Sponsors

Biochemistry research is broadly interdisciplinary, and research laboratory opportunities for biochemistry majors may be found in many departments outside of Biology and Chemistry. Below is a list of research laboratories that have actively engaged biochemistry majors in the past. However, this list is not exhaustive, and if you are interested in joining a research lab, you are encouraged to explore outside of this list as well!

Mansoor Amiji PHS
Penny Beuning* CCB
David Budil* CCB
Rebecca Carrier CHE
Yunrong Chai BIO
Paul Champion PHY
Erin Cram BIO
Richard Deth PHS
Rick Duclos CDD
John Engen* CCB
Slava Epstein BIO
Craig Ferris PSY/CCB
Roger Giese
Veronica Godoy BIO
Edgar Goluch
April Gu CEE
Robert N Hanson CCB
Ferdi Hellweger CEE
Alain Karma
Ban-An Khaw
Albert Laszlo-Barabasi
Carolyn Lee-Parsons CCB/CHE
Kim Lewis BIO
Lee Makowski ECE/CCB
Richard Marsh BIO
Carla Mattos* CCB
Constantinos Mavroidis MIE
James Monaghan BIO
Shashi Murthy CHE
George O’Doherty CCB
Donald O’Malley BIO
Mary Ondrechen* CCB
Oyinda Oyelaran CCB
Jacqueline Piret BIO
Michael Pollastri CCB
Jeffrey Ruberti MIE
J Timothy Sage
Dagmar Sternad BIO
Eric Stewart BIO
Phyllis Strauss BIO
Vladimir Torchilin PHS
Sergiy Tyukhtenko
Meni Wanunu
Paul Whitford PHY
Mark Williams
Jodi Wood
Ke Zhang
Gunther Zupanc BIO

* indicates faculty member in the biochemistry program
CCB = chemistry & chemical biology
BIO = biology
CDD = center for drug discovery
MIE = mechanical and industrial engineering
CEE = civil engineering
ECE = electrical and computer engineering
PHY = physics
PHS = pharmaceutical sciences
PSY = psychology

  • Contact

    Phyllis Strauss
    Program Interim Director,
    Matthews Distinguished Professor
    Department of Biology
    Northeastern University
    106 Lake Hall
    360 Huntington Avenue
    Boston, MA 02115


    Steering Committee:
    Carla Mattos
    Jacqueline Piret

    Program Assistant:
    Morline Gordon-Grier
    203 Mugar Life Sciences Building