Learning From C8 Exposure

Learning From C8 Exposure Study

The Learning From C8 Exposure Study is Ph.D. research being conducted by Matthew Judge under the supervision of SSEHRI Director Phil Brown (p.brown@neu.edu).  This study is designed to develop understanding about the C8 exposure experience through interviews with residents of the exposed communities.  The insights from this research we believe will be useful to future communities faced with exposure to similar emerging contaminants – chemicals for which there exist insufficient health and exposure information.

If you are interested in being interviewed please email Matt Judge (jm.judge@neu.edu).  Interviews will last between 30 to 60 minutes and will focus on individuals C8 exposure experience including questions about how you came to  understand the meaning of exposure, participation in biomonitoring studies and C8 lawsuits, and one’s views about the legacy of the exposure.  Participants will receive a $10 gift certificate as a thank you gift for completion of the interview.  Please feel free to address any questions about interviews or the overall research to Matt Judge.

This research has been accepted by the Northeastern University Office of Human Subjects Research Protection (http://www.northeastern.edu/research/hsrp/contact/) .  Participants can choose to maintain anonymity in any research papers or published documents.  If you have specific questions about research protections you may contact Matt Judge (jm.judge@neu.edu) or IRB chair Nan Regina (n.regina@neu.edu).