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Help NUPL get to 2016 Collegiate Nationals!

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Hi Everyone!

Northeastern University Powerlifting strives to create a friendly and competitive environment for members to grow in both character and physical strength. Since the team was established in 2007, it has produced numerous national champions and even world competitors. One of the largest clubs on campus, NUPL prides itself with its impressive diversity, in which members from many different backgrounds can share their enthusiasm for strength sports. With one of the largest teams to date, we’ve come together with a goal to raise enough funds to finance our trip to the 2016 Collegiate Powerlifting Nationals in Providence, Rhode Island. Our hope is that the trip can be affordable for all teammates, so we can represent Northeastern University with pride.

Northeastern Powerlifting's photo.       Northeastern Powerlifting's photo.

Winter Classic Results!

Congratulations to all our lifters who qualified this past weekend! Everyone on the women’s team and the majority of the men’s team are now eligible to compete at Nationals!

Link to the Results are below.

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Help NUPL get to Nationals!


This spring, the team will be making its way to Atlanta to compete at the 2015 Collegiate Nationals in Atlanta. There we will test our strength against over thirty other collegiate teams. Travelling is expensive and we need all the help we can get. To support the team or to learn more about this project, please click on the links below!

Men’s Team:

Women’s Team: