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Joe Cappellino Breaks Mike Tuchscherer’s Collegiate Record

Last Saturday, at the USAPL Northeast and Raw HS/Collegiate Powerlifting Championships in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Joe Cappellino (shw) bench pressed 584, 606 then 633 pounds to set a new USAPL Collegiate American Record. The press is also the heaviest in collegiate history, regardless of weight class. Trey Jewett (220) held the former mark at 628 pounds. It also broke his own USAPL New York Junior State Record and ranks him twelfth on the Powerlifting Watch Lifter Rankings.

Cappellino added a 749 pound squat and a 650 pound deadlift to set the USAPL Collegiate American Record with a 2,033 pound total. Like his bench press, the total is the largest in collegiate history, beating Michael Tuchscherer’s (275) 2,006 pound record. It also broke Cappellino’s own New York Junior State Record and ranks him eleventh on the Lifter Rankings.

Cappellino is now gearing up for the 2010 USAPL Collegiate Nationals in Disney World.

Record Setting Weekend for the Northeastern Powerlifting Team

Last weekend the Northeastern Powerlifting Team lifted in the first Collegiate meet of the year; the USAPL Northeast Collegiate Regional’s, in Scranton, PA.  Some of New England’s best lifters made the trip south to compete. 

 Luis Jaimes made a personal record as well as setting one, Massachusetts 220 Junior Record with a 661squat, while totaling 1570.  Daniel Mason, former NU football standout set three Massachusetts Junior State Records with a 500 squat, 622 deadlift and a 1427 total at the 275 weight class.  Although Co-captain Adam Matson bombed at a 485 squat attempt, he still pulled an impressive 443 at 148, in the deadlift. 

 On the women’s side, Anna Padilla in the 148 weight class set Seven Massachusetts Records, squatting 259, benching 154, and pulled 308 for a big PR total of 722 in her second meet ever. She now holds the Massachusetts State Open Records in the squat, deadlift and total while also setting the records for squat, bench, deadlift and total for the Massachusetts Junior Division.

Finally, Northeastern U’s captain and founder set two American Records to highlight the weekend.  Joe Cappellino benched 584, 606 then 633 to break his own New York Junior State Record and set the Collegiate American Record for SHW bench.  This is also the heaviest bench in collegiate history, regardless of weight class.  He added a 749 squat and a 650 deadlift to break his own New York Junior State Record and to set the Collegiate American Record for SHW total at 2033. 

Northeastern now has a dozen lifters gearing up for 2010 nationals in Disney World. In total there were seven club records broken, thirteen State Records and Two American Records broken by the Northeastern Powerlifting Squad last weekend, marking the meet as one of the most successful in their three year history.