Senior of the Week – Joseph Savoia

St. Patrick's Day 2012
I joined SAA in fall 2009. My cousin Kristina and all her friends were members and got me to join right as school started. I chaired a community service event that semester, and had great time overall that year. My favorite event in all of SAA was the ski trip my freshman year. I also was able to go to District Conference my sophomore year at UMass Amherst, which was pretty fun as well.

 Age: 22
 Hometown: Nashua, NH
 Major: Finance
 Co-ops: Advantage Data, Bank of New York Mellon, Manulife John Hancock
 How has SAA contributed to your Northeastern experience?
I joined SAA as a freshman because my older cousin was a part of the group. It was a great way
to make friends right off the bat, most of whom I still know well to this day.
 How do you hope to give back to the Northeastern community as an alum?
I plan on staying connected with the alumni network and the campus itself in the coming years.
Northeastern seems to be exploding in terms of popularity and prestige, and that is something I
definitely want to associate myself with moving forward.
 What are 5 things that every Northeastern student should cross off their bucket list?
– Study abroad, the farther from home the better
– Get to a Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots and Bruins game at some point
– Take at least 1 spring break trip
– Join a club (like SAA!)
– Do the Husky Hunt

 If you had a jet to take you anywhere in the world, what would your first stop be?
A return trip to Sydney Australia. I loved it there.
 Do you have any secret or weird talents?
Can golf right handed and left handed. Also allergic to nuts.
 If you could go pro at one sport, what would it be?
Ice hockey