Executive Board

Courtney Cowell, President
Major/Graduation Year: Biochemistry, 2015
# of years in SAA: 5
Favorite thing about Boston: all of the different places to eat!
Fun fact: My real last name should be Fitzgerald. Ask me about it!

Margaret Riedy, VP of Administration
Major/Graduation Year: Nursing
Hometown: Delmar, NY
# of Years in SAA: 4
Favorite thing about Boston: no matter where you are, you’re never too far from a Dunkin’ Donuts
Fun fact: I’ve been to Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station!

Stephanie Kley, VP of Finance
Major/Graduation Year:  Cultural Anthropology, 2015
# of years in SAA:  3
Favorite thing about Boston:  I love that it’s easy to walk everywhere around the city!
Fun fact: I’ve held a baby puffin in Iceland!


Sarah DiCioccio, VP of Alumni Relations

Major/Graduation Year: Computer English, 2016
Hometown: Madison, CT
#of years in SAA: 3
Favorite thing about Boston: kayaking/running/biking on the Charles
Fun fact: I studied abroad in Dublin.

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Andrew Cloud, VP of Events
Major/Graduation Year: Marketing and Interactive Media, 2017
Hometown: Tampa, FL
# of years in SAA: 3
Favorite thing about Boston: Food in the North End
Fun fact:I spent three years of my childhood in Colombia.

Adriana Jodoin, VP of Recruitment & Retention 

Major/Graduation Year: Psychology, 2016
Hometown: Hooksett, NH
# of years in SAA: 4
Favorite thing about Boston: relaxing at the docks on the Charles river.
Fun fact: Both of my sisters were also the VP of R&R.

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Emily Chiasson, VP of Media & Marketing

Major/Graduation Year: Health Science, 2016
Hometown: Billerica, MA
# of years in SAA: 4
Favorite thing about Boston: All the inspiring people!
Fun fact: I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro this summer!


Dayna Altman, VP of Community Service

Major/Graduation Year:  Human Services, 2015
Hometown: Southborough, MA
# of years in SAA:  3
Favorite thing about Boston:The undying Boston pride
Fun fact:I performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.