Executive Board

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Sarah DiCioccio, President
Major/Graduation Year: English, 2016
# of years in SAA: 4
Favorite thing about Boston: Kayaking on the esplanade in the summer!
Favorite thing about SAA: The people! I met some of my closest friends in college through SAA.
Fun fact: While studying abroad in Ireland I unintentionally visited places where Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Game of Thrones were filmed.

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Emily Wimsatt, VP of Administration
Major/Graduation Year: Finance, 2019
# of Years in SAA: 2
Favorite thing about Boston: I love being so close to Newbury Street & there is always something to do.
Favorite thing about SAA: Meeting so many great friends and hanging out with them frequently! SAA is by far my favorite club!
Fun fact: My grandfather grew up in a Castle, and I’m obsessed with college basketball – let’s go University of Kentucky Wildcats!

Lauren Tawfik, VP of Finance

Major/Graduation Year: Finance & Management, 2018
# of Years in SAA: 2
Favorite thing about Boston: Georgetown Cupcakes!
Favorite thing about SAA: I can’t pick one! The way we feel like a family and all the fun events like conference and ski trip!
Fun fact: I’m a black belt in Taekwondo.

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Mina Iskarous, VP of Alumni Relations

Major/Graduation Year: Computer Behavioral Neuroscience, 2019
#of years in SAA: 2
Favorite thing about Boston: Even though it is a huge city it still feels like everyone in the city is just part of one big community that constantly supports and gives back to each other.
Favorite thing about SAA: SAA is a club that students come to because they realize how great of a college experience Northeastern University is and they want to give back to the alumni who have helped forge and create Northeastern as it is now. It’s a goofy, fun, determined group of people hoping to foster bonds between huskies from different generations while becoming our own little family at the same time.
Fun fact: Even though I was born and raised only 45 minutes from the beach I have never gone surfing!

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Andrew Cloud, VP of Events
Major/Graduation Year: Marketing and Interactive Media, 2017
# of years in SAA: 4
Favorite thing about Boston: It’s hard to get bored, especially on summer nights.
Favorite thing about SAA: It’s filled with some of the weirdest people I know, but in the best way possible.
Fun fact:Sweden has a rabbit show-jumping competition called Kaninhoppning.

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Korrinne Ivey, VP of Recruitment & Retention 

Major/Graduation Year: Health Science, 2017
# of years in SAA: 2
Favorite thing about Boston: There’s always something interesting to do here!
Favorite thing about SAA: All the amazing people in SAA!
Fun fact: I’ve seen more than 30 bands live in concert.


Julia Guilardi, VP of Media & Marketing

Major/Graduation Year: Journalism, 2019
# of years in SAA: 2
Favorite thing about Boston: There’s so much great food, and I love walking along the Charles.
Favorite thing about SAA: Everyone is so welcoming and we do a a lot of fun events!
Fun fact: I am a legally ordained reverend, so let me know if you need someone to perform your wedding!

Jasmina Prabhakara, VP of Community Service