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The Student Alumni Association is a Northeastern student group, committed to connecting past, present, and future huskies.

Looking for a student group with unparalleled opportunities? Want to make life-long friends, volunteer, engage, and make an impact on campus? Look no further than NU SAA.

Spring Final Dinner 2013

Spring final dinner was nothing short of memorable.  Not only was it full of its characteristic laughter, but also full of tears as we had to say goodbye to our seniors.  Shout-outs were particularly humorous, but above all representative of the great friendships we’ve all been so lucky to form over the years.  Seniors, you […]

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Lauren Bailey, Senior of the Week

One of this week’s featured seniors is… Lauren Bailey! Lauren “LB” Bailey became a member of SAA during her freshman year, joining the community service committee and also attending the D1 Conference hosted here at Northeastern. As a sophomore, she co-chaired Bringing Cheer and attended D1 Conference at UMass Amherst. That summer, she was invited […]

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Alf Carroll, Senior of the Week

One of this week’s featured seniors is… Alf Carroll! Alf joined SAA at the beginning of his sophomore year and knew he’d found the right organization for him at Northeastern. During that first year, Alf was invited to attend D1 Conference at the University of Massachusetts and realized he wanted to take on more responsibility. He then […]

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